Be a change maker

Be the Change you want to see

Ghandi's 10 Rules for Chaning the World

  1. Change yourself
  2. You are in control
  3. Forgive and let it go
  4. Without action you aren't going anywhere
  5. Take care of this moment
  6. Everyone is human
  7. Persist
  8. See the good in people and help them
  9. Be congruent, be authentic, be you true self
  10. Continue to grow and evolve

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Take a look at how important it is that you drive change below;

Take Action, Join Extinction Rebellion and Protest

When a small number ( about 7% of the population) take action it creates a movement. The world urgently needs a climate change movement. You need to move and act now. Join the extinction Extinction Rebellion

Break away from current structures & embrace new paradigms

Whilst the 200 year old systems of governance and bureaucracy is embedded into almost every process and system in our capitalistic lives, those systems are inhibiting our leap to the new economy and prevents us experiencing our deep connection with nature. By simply replacing these outdated systems, we can realise the benefits of removing administrative inefficiencies. It is said that if you remove the food stamp program in the USA you could pay every american $25,000 US per year to underpin their lives and businesses. This decoupling from bureaucracy requires a re evaluation of what you learned at school for the last 12-16 years and as a species that has not evolved with a great deal of change in our environment we need to return to the wisdom of our elders and traditional owners.

Start ride sharing

Whilst most people still consider Uber as a replacement for their taxi service it is in fact a new ride share service. Its designed for people who drive to work every day to take their friends and neighbors to work and have a formal way to share the costs.

I asked an Uber driver who picked me up in a luxury car if he was making enough money as an Uber driver to cover the costs of such a nice car? His reply was unexpected and he said "no you cant do that". He explained to me that he drove to work every day at the same time and always parked in the same car park. Uber allows the driver to limit the pick up and and drop off locations so in his case he drives round the block each morning picks up a few neighbors, they get to ride in his luxury car to work, he then drops them off on the block where his car park is and they find their way from their to their final destination. So for barely any effort or costs he earns $15,000 per year. He happened to be dropping his wife at the airport this morning and was heading back to my suburb so he flicked on his Uber App and I paid him $150 for going 5 minutes out of his way.

Uber is a great example of the new economy displacing the old but also creating a new paradigm. In Australia taxi drivers were paying $1 million per car for a taxi license. The value they got in return was barriers to entry for competition and customers who trusted using them. The Uber App allows customers and drivers to rank each other and this replaces the need for a third party to oversight the trust and charge high fees.

With the money you will save you can drop a day at work to grow vegies and baby sit the kids and grandparents.

Sign up to Uber

Start Renting your spare room on a nightly basis

Who would have thought only a few years ago that the biggest hotel chain the in world would not own any hotels? Well that is exactly the case with The old model relied on peoples fear of needing to use a hotel chain to guarantee safety and consistency. Now using an app the renters and the land lords can rank each other and trust is quickly built. Stays have a dynamite contents insurance policy that underpins the land lords trust in the system. By removing the middle man everyone has to make more of an effort to get along and respect each other. If you are staying in a house via Stays you cant leave it like a pig sty for someone else to clean up or you will get a poor rating and rejected from further stay rentals.

With the money you save look at investing in renewable energy or take another day off work.

Sell or give away all your spare stuff on ebay

The online auction system has changed the way we can dispose of valuable items we don't need all the way down to what we might consider junk. Just put something on ebay for $1 and watch people fight for its ownership . A lot of the stuff I see on the side of the road during hard rubbish collection could have been sold on ebay. Why send stuff to land fill when people could still get value from it? So just sell it for $1 or donate your stuff to a welfare organisation to sell and raise money for those that need it most.

With all your spare space consider renting out a room on Stays or Helpx to get a 4hr a day helper for room and board..

Become Financial independent

Build and use crypto digital currency

Start using crypto currency functionality rather than trading in it. You can now build your family and friends an entire trading platform and currency, that can be traded globally, for free, in 30 minutes. Go on its quite fun give creating a global currency a go.

Everyone has heard of the dot COM boom but not many people understand what it was. Phase 1 of the .com boom was the realisation that the internet would create many new online opportunities such as Uber, Stays, ebay and many more. The speculation on futures for anyone with a website and a good idea went viral. In hindsight, a lot of people invested in unsound website proposals before phase 2, or the application of the technology kicked in (such as online shopping carts and payment gateways like PayPal), the wifi network and proliferation of mobile communication devices.

Crypto currency is now at the start of the .COM phase 1. The speculation is high, the disruption to the the current financial market structure undeniable and inevitable. Bitcon was a trogan horse that some how got listed on the US stock exchange because it was sold by a US agency, after being confiscated from proceeds of crime. For the full story watch The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin the movie its an incredible documentary about the person who never existed that created the first Bitcoin. At the time of making of the move in 2014 I made my first currency with 1,000,000,000,000 coins and had a trading platform (better than most of the global share trading facilities) for my private use for free.

The difference between .com and Bitcoin is that its already fully functional and being used from projects like "rescue coin" that helps get women in danger pre paid flights out of their country.

Before buying crypto

You may need to buy a small about of crypto currency to get started or use some of the other coins that have been developed for various purposes. Before investing in crypto you should d be educated on the risks of buying and holding cryptocurrencies. Please consult this consumer advisory brief on the potential risks associated with digital currencies