Act now!

You can make a significant difference to Climate change!

See below for simple and highly effective things that you can do (or get your parents or place of work to do) to address the climate emergency.

While governments and big business are failing to act on climate it's people like you that can make a meaningful difference.

In 15 minutes you can help turn climate change around, save millions of species from extinction and use as much energy as you want guilt free.

Three things you can do in 15 minutes

1. Move Retirement Investments to Ethical (5 minutes)

No matter what your age, If just 8% of people move away from their standard industry retirement funds to one that is ethical and does not invest in fossil fuel, we would have 100% renewable energy. If you are not with ethical retirement plans (USA), pensions (UK), or superannuation funds (AUS) then your retirement investment is most likely largely funding the fossil fuel industry and you are part of the problem! Moving your retirement investment is in your control and you can do it in under 5 minutes Read more

2. Buy 100% Wind or Solar Power Off the Grid (5 minutes)

Putting solar on your roof helps to decentralise the electricity grid but compared with just buying 100% wind or solar power from highly efficient producers off the existing electricity grid is much easier and better for the planet and your budget. Read more

3. Move Cash and Investments to Ethical (5 minutes)

If money is sitting in one of the big banks then that money is most likely being used to finance the fossil fuel industry. To change this simply open an account with an ethical bank and/or invest in funds that do not invest in fossil fuels. Read more

  • A clean energy future to replace the fossil fuel industry is now possible Read more

Understand your demographic

Are you in the 20% of people causing global warming?

Understand the numbers

Understand what causes climate change, the scale of the problem and how we can easily fix it Read more

Eat a plant rich diet

Learn how to have a plan rich diet and the impact that will have read more

Be a careful consumer

Learn how being careful what you buy can impact climate change read more

Move to ethical energy

Learn how to buy ethical energy read more

INvest ethically

Learn how to move to ethical investments read more

move retirement funds to ethical

Learn how to move to ethical retirement investments read more

Be a change maker

Learn how to be a change maker

More things that you can do ...

You many want to also consider:

  • Join extinction rebellion and start protesting
  • Moving your families loans away from supporting fossil fuel by refinancing with an ethical bank
  • Changing your families share portfolio to invest in ethical investments.
  • Start catching public transport or riding your bike more regularly
  • Vote for political parties that have policies to act on climate change
  • Make donations to organisations that are taking action on climate
  • Get family and work to buy electric vehicles and run off 100% renewable energy
  • Transition your family to a plant based diet by starting to reduce red meat consumption learn how
  • Get your place of business to implement drawdown actions
  • Sign up to a scheme to show that your family or your business is carbon neutral.

More actions and details coming soon.

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