Careful Consumer

Careful how you spend your Money

Do you really need it and is it good for the planet?

Wanting something is great but do you really need it? To really need something, the American psychologist Abraham Maslow proposed it should fit into the physical, security, and social hierarchy needs also termed by Maslow as the 'deficiency needs' as seen in the bottom three rows of the pyramid below;

So the things you really need include:

  • air
  • water
  • food
  • health
  • safety

  • shelter
  • stability
  • love
  • belonging
  • inclusion

After meeting 'deficiency needs' the choices you make for your ego and self actualization are often things that you want because you think it will help you progress but often you can achieve the same outcome without spending your money.

If you are going to spend money on things to improve your ego and self actualisation and you want to save the planet from dangerous climate change, you need to read the label and work out where it came from, what its made from and is it climate friendly? Watch the Story of Stuff below;

Climate Committed Suppliers

Seek our suppliers of products and services that are committed to reducing carbon emissions or drawing them down.


Make sure you choose airlines that have commitments and participate in offset programs;





B Corp Companies

Carbon Neutral Australian Government certified

  • check out over 60 carbon neutral certified organisations

Be a Change Maker

Even more important than what you buy is being a changemaker read more