Buy 100% Wind or solar Energy off the grid (5 mins)

Putting solar on roofs is great to decentralise the electricity grid but compared with just signing up and buying 100% wind or solar energy from highly efficient power producers already producing renewable energy is much easier, faster and better for the planet and family and business budgets.

Whether you rent or own you are in control of your electricity provider and the impact it is having on carbon emissions. If you are buying coal fired power please stop as soon as possible your kids will love you for it.

You should do your own research for the best ethical energy provider in your area. Whilst we do use Powershop and get $75 off our next power bill, as will you if you sign up in Australia . Once signed up you will also get $75 off you bill when you invite each person in your network to join. Think of it as pyramid selling for the environment. You can invite your businesses to join too.

The app for iphone and android is amazing and shows you monthly, weekly, hourly usage and kids can see the effect of leaving electrical appliances running and make a difference. We added kill switches to amplifiers, tv's etc and also replaced light bulbs and turned off things as much as possible and the app helped us to identify big power users.

Send a strong signal to the energy market and make sure you go for the 100% green energy for $0,05 c/kwh more than the carbon offsets.

Now you can buy an electric car and run it carbon emission free. Example Tesla Model 3

Note you can also buy energy from small community projects for a higher rate and they get 1/2 the profit. You can also sell energy into the grid to your neighbors.

Australia (AUS)

Powershop is currently available in New South Wales, South East Queensland, Victoria and South Australia.

To sign up for Powershop Australia click here

United kingdom (UK)

To sign up for Powershop UK click here

Note: you can buy coal fired energy with accredited carbon offsets but its better to select the 100% green power option ie this will cost a little more but will be wind or solar or 100% green power. Note the app for your mobile will help you identify when you are using loads of power and will help your kinds reduce energy wastage. There are also community power projects you can support, buy off your neighbor, cheap future deals and opportunities to get paid if you reduce usage during peak periods.

United States of America (USA)

Your family, place of work or school can take advantage of clean, renewable energy by buying "green power" or by making your own electricity with a small home renewable energy system. Learn the purchasing options available in your area, or learn how to plan your own system and choose the right technology for your location and electricity needs. Read more

Responsible development of all of America’s rich energy resources -- including solar, wind, water, geothermal, bioenergy & nuclear -- will help ensure America’s continued leadership in clean energy read more.

Another approach is to reduce energy usage see the guide

Buy a Powerwall

A battery will allow you to store solar energy for use at night or when the sun isn't shining.

Example: Tesla Powerwall


Change to climate friendly investments

Other things that you can do

You many want to also consider:

  • Moving your families loans away from supporting fossil fuel by refinancing with an ethical bank
  • Changing your families share portfolio to invest in ethical investments
  • Start catching public transport more regularly
  • Join extinction rebellion and start protesting
  • Vote for political parties that have policies to act on climate change
  • Make donations to organisations that are taking action on climate
  • Get family and work to buy electric vehicles and run off 100% renewable energy
  • Transition your family to a plant based diet by starting to reduce red meat consumption.
  • Get your place of business to implement drawdown actions
  • Sign up to a scheme to show that your family or your business is carbon neutral.
  • All too hard then at least change your browser to Ecosia to plant trees for every search you make.

More details coming soon.